Psychoanalysis and Revolution

Psychoanalysis and Revolution: Critical Psychology for Liberation Movements

A manifesto by Ian Parker and David Pavón-Cuéllar

What is revolutionary about psychoanalysis, and why should those of us concerned with political praxis take it seriously? This manifesto is an argument for connecting social transformation with personal liberation, showing that the two aspects of profound change can be intimately linked together using psychoanalysis. The manifesto explores what lies beyond us, what we keep repeating, what pushes and pulls us to stay the same and to change, and how those phenomena are transferred into clinical space. This book is not uncritical of psychoanalysis, and transforms it so that liberation movements can transform the world.

Different specially-commissioned prefaces to the manifesto will appear in the locally translated and published versions around the world. The ‘background reading’ section of the book is available (in English) here.

This website includes links to the prefaces and manifesto texts as they become available

The Psychoanalysis and Revolution: Critical Psychology for Liberation Movements manifesto is now published in English, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Bahasa Indonesian and Portuguese. Publication is now in process for editions in Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Serbo-Croat and Turkish, and translation is now underway with a view to publication in Danish, Farsi, German, Korean, Kurdish, Malayalam and Tagalog. Translated editions are either already being prepared or about to commence in French, Hindi, Slovenian and Urdu.

Published editions


The first edition was published in August 2021 in Russian by Horizontal Publishers: An English translation of the preface for the Russian edition, by Vadim Kvachev, is here: A brief video about the book to publicise it, in English with Russian sub-titles, is here:


The Italian edition was published in September 2021 by Ombre Corte: We will post an English translation of the Italian edition preface, by Pietro Bianchi, as soon as we have it. The introduction to the Italian edition is available here: There are reviews of the Italian edition here:  and here: and here: and here:, and here in Il Manifesto:


The English edition was published in September 2021 by 1968 Press: You can download the PDF of the English-language edition of the book here: and the EPUB edition here: The English edition preface, by Suryia Nayak, is here: The ‘background reading’ section of the English edition of the book is available here: A video of the London launch of the English edition is here: A first review of English edition is here:, a nice review by Nigel Mulligan in Lacunae here, and here two reviews (behind academic paywalls, sorry) by Claire Bacha in the journals Psychodynamic Practice: and Group Analysis:


The Spanish edition was published by Pólvora Editorial: An English translation of the preface for the Spanish edition, by Jorge Alemán, is here: The online launch event for the Spanish edition in December can be viewed here:

Bahasa Indonesian

The Bahasa Indonesian edition was published by Basabasi: An English translation of the preface for the Bahasa Indonesian edition, by Soe Tjen Marching, is here:


The Portuguese edition is published by Autêntica Editora: An English translation of the preface for the Portuguese edition, by Christian Ingo Lenz Dunker, is here:


The German edition is published by Argument Verlag: The preface for the German edition, by Fiona Kalkstein, is here:, and a translation into English of the German preface is here: There is an appreciative review of the book in German here:


The Greek edition is published by Oposito: The preface for the Greek edition, by Mihalis Mentinis, is here: and a nice review of the book is here:

Forthcoming editions

Arabic: The Arabic edition will be published by Dar Arweqah. An English translation of the preface for the Arabic edition, by William Outa, is here:

Gaeilge: The Gaeilge edition is in progress, with a Crowdfunding campaign in Ireland set to cover translation costs, please donate, the link is here: An English version of the preface for the Gaeilge edition, by Nigel Mulligan, is here:

Korean: The translator of the forthcoming Korean edition of the book, Moungah Shin, discusses the book in relation to anti-psychiatry here:


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The dedicated website for the book – – is updated with news about progress with the project and, when new language versions appear, publication links together with the prefaces specially written for different political contexts.




(Bahasa Indonesian)



Parker, I. und Pavón-Cuéllar, D. (2023) Psychoanalyse und Revolution: Kritische Psychologie für Befreiungsbewegungen, Hamburg: Argument [ISBN: 978-3-86754-524-2] [GERMAN] [Link: ]


Parker, I. and Pavón-Cuéllar, D. (2023) Ψυχανάλυση και Επανάσταση: κριτική ψυχολογία για τα κινήματα απελευθέρωσης. Athens: Oposito. [ISBΝ: 978-618-85746-4-9] [Link: